Hello Everyone!


The Lucid Lemons Agency is a talent management and development organisation founded in Lagos, Nigeria with the intent of discovering, managing and developing a wide array of creative talents.

This is Our Mission

Provide creatives with the resources they need we create routes to market, avenues for wealth creation and lighten their workload allowing them to be fully invested in their craft. Working with a team of creative individuals with a diverse skill set we aim for the highest quality of services that a cost-effective and consumer-driven.

This is Our Vision

Make sucess accessible for creatives across Africa by making their journey as cost effective, and seamless as possible.



With more than ten years of knowledge and expertise we help musicians market and promote themselves, we build brands and help them succeed!

“ It was great collaborating with the team at Lucid Lemons. Enjoyed every bit of it, and we were glad to be a part of their event. ”
Consent Workshop
Lagos Nigeria