The concert reputed as one of the markers of the tangible growth in Nigeria’s music industry.

At the The Lemon Curd 4 we introduced our “Lucid Experience” theme, which aimed to create an immersive atmosphere where music meets fun and political consciousness, where people can stimulate not just their ears but their whole being. We want our attendees to have a good time but we also want them to go forward thinking about how they can make a positive impact on the lives of others. At its core, the Lemon Curd is about celebrating music but we understand that music does not exists in a vacuum.


Our external advisory board, this year consisting of 24 experts from 20 leading global research organizations, plays a crucial role in assisting us in vetting solutions to ensure that our evaluation criteria are upheld. By using a self-contained water heat pump, Energy takes unused thermal energy from existing air-conditioning systems and transfers it to the boilers’ circuit. This new and efficient thermal energy can then be used in showers, pools, and kitchens.

Our posters over the years.

Great Result

Since 2016, TLC has catered to 6000+ attendees, with campaigns having had 600,000+ in social media reach and 450,000+ impressions on social media. We have had over a 100 of the most talented rising stars on our main stage, and helped 70+ small Nigerian businesses sell out and establish a relationship with millennials.


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