Our Services

Working with our partners across west and east africa, we assist creatives in the amplification of their craft.

This is primarily a digital function where we craft out and build brand affinity, making your voice an established brand to people outside the organisation. This means we are making sure the right people are hearing the correct information about you from the press to the music executives and the final consumer in both regions. Music promotion can help you connect with your colleagues and establish a necessary network of contacts. It may sound like cliché advice, but it truly is about more than just what you know. It’s also who you know and who knows you.


A lot of individuals working in the music industry simply don’t have the connections or the music business knowledge on how to find a profitable market for the songs they create. Using our networks and influence, we are able to make sure that your content is being heard all over the continent! Beyond that, we want to push your personality on radio interviews, video interviews, and live shows!

Get on music blogs now

We submit your new releases and press releases directly to the blogs for placement. We have experience with blogs and we know the type of content they like, we establish a connection for you with the aim of building relationships, establishing authority, and links for your other content. We submit your content to blogs across Africa such as NotJustOK, TooXclusive, The Native Mag, Pulse.ng, Radr, Harmattan Rain, and more!

Music submissions (Audio & Video)

Submitting content to DSP’s may come across as tasking and time consuming but with Lucid Lemons by your side, we will handle that for you and make the process as painless as possible!.

We help you create and share visual content that tells a story.

Creative direction is the branch of brand development that deals with the concepts around a brand. It’s a combination of many elements, including;

Visual Identity

the visuals of the brand, how it looks


how your concept changes the perception of your brand


applying the principles of graphic design to your concept

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Creating Unique And Authentic Designs For Our Clients Based On Their Individual Needs.

We create concepts that are able to communicate the artist’s vision to their target market using a team of super talented designers.

Lyric Video

Lyric Videos are a great way to build momentum prior to an official video release. We will create simple, original, creative, and diverse videos for your song as well as save you the stress of doing it yourself!

Logo Design

A logo is the symbol, name or trademark of a company or brand. Allow us to create a logo that clearly represents your brand and is memorable for anybody who sees it.

Video Design

We love telling stories! Working with the Lucid design team will give you a chance to create a memorable story from your project that will captivate your audience.

Social Media Design

Our social media marketing team are a decisive part of our overall strategy. Unfortunately, sometimes you can’t create that unimaginable experience on your own. Come to us, we will do it for you!

Website Design

Web design is the process of planning, conceptualising, and arranging content. Here at Lucid Lemons, we design an interactive website that engages your audience and keep them coming back for more.

Single/EP/Album Cover Design.

Your cover art is the first contact you have with a potential fan, it can be the reason they press play or not. We deliver a cover design that will fit your overall brand but match the vibe of your new release. We always deliver the highest quality files for both online and print, and if you have specific instructions, we can handle it for you. Let’s make artwork that says press play!


N 20000

  • Front Cover Design Only
  • We design around YOU
  • Proofs are delivered within 2-3 days
  • High-Quality composites

Front & Back Cover Design

N 30,000

  • Front & Back Cover Design
  • We design around YOU
  • Proofs are delivered within 3-4 days
  • High-Quality composites


N 40,000

  • Front & Back Cover Design
  • Audio Visualizer Video
  • Proofs & Video are delivered within 5-6 days
  • High-Quality composites

Creating Winning Strategy To Solidify Market Presence As Well As Cultivate And Grow Our Clients Audiences.

Social Media Strategy

Ready to figure out your social media strategy? If you don’t know where to start, you’re definitely not alone on your journey, we are here with you. Working with you, and being the plug! We will create a social media marketing plan and build your following!

Roll out Strategy

“Rollout” is the term for the introduction and integration of new art services to the market. A rollout often refers to a significant product release, which is frequently accompanied by a strong marketing campaign, to generate consumer interest. Now you know what a roll out is, It’s time you know we are the best at this! Our experience means that we are the winning team! Join Us!

Brand Development

Creative branding relies on creating visual styles and identity through music. This is done with the aim of building a loyal fanbase and generating an income. So, as a creative starting out in a career you are already a brand whether you realise it or not and we can build it for you!

Brand Partnerships

A brand partnership is a mutual agreement between two or more businesses or organizations. Through these partnerships, companies assist each other to increase brand exposure, break into new markets, and add an extra value to products/services and make sure all consumers are excited about the product or service. We can create these opportunities for you and make these partnerships happen!

We combine smart design with rich technology to craft innovative brand.

We’re full service which means we’ve got you covered on design and content right through to digital.


Web Development.

A decade ago, we founded September with the goal of creating meaningful digital experiences that connect with people. We conceive, design, develop and applications for web.


Ui/Ux Design.

We’re full service which means we’ve got you covered on design & content right through to digital. You’ll form a lasting relationship with us, collaboration is central to we do.


Seo & Marketing.

A decade ago, we founded September with the goal of creating meaningful digital experiences that connect with people. We conceive, design, develop and applications for web.